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Up ’til now I have been a little reticent on the subject of clothes, or at least the details of what everyone was going to wear. This was a deliberate ploy not to spoil the surprises for people on the day, but now it’s all over I can come clean at last and reveal all. […]

You will all be glad to know that I am approaching the end of my post-wedding traumatic stress therapy and hope to resume posting very shortly. As the traumatic stress levels die down at work, my time on the project at the bank in London is drawing to a close and I will soon have […]

Flower power


One of the defining components of a wedding is the beautiful flower arrangements, which is why the day before B’s wedding I was standing in the rain in a garden in Sheffield cutting the flowers off a large hydrangea bush. For some time the types and colours and arrangements of flowers were in a state […]

Coming clean


Preparing for a wedding is not a trivial undertaking. Preparing for any kind of visitors is not a trivial undertaking in our house, and this would be an occasion when we would be entertaining friends we had not seen for over ten years. So the house needed to be tidy; extra special tidy. Meanwhile other […]

I am sure that everyone will be delighted to hear that it is now over, and that both the wedding ceremony and subsequent celebrations appear to have been a great success. The bride accompanied by Bridefather arrived fashionably late and the wedding ceremony took place without stumbled lines, fainting or cries of “Yes – I […]

I think it’s arrived about a week too early. MOB is preparing flowers, continuing from yesterday’s late-night burst of cupcake and pew-end poesy making. B and BM1 are surveying things, the BOBs have spent the night in the tipi and I am about to go and see if the recalcitrant ancient automobile will choose to […]

Busy busy busy


Since getting home it’s been a continuous round of tidying and getting things ready – and I’m tired so instead of eleven thousand words…