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Jigsaw puzzle


While I am busy working in London MOB was busy at home with a jigsaw (the sort that requires patience and skill to make sure the pieces are right). At least she was until the blade fell out. B has decided that she needs a heart, I think she’s already got one in the right […]

The good folk who hire out marquees are very sensitive about certain things, including animals, young children, pens, paint, colouring books, water pistols, in fact just about anything that might keep a child amused during the interminable time they are forced to do adult things. The hirers seem to be averse to colourful, artistically decorated […]

Jelly hour


The faerie weekend played havoc with our regular activities. Since I’ve been working in London all week our weekends have become a haven occupied by shopping, doing jobs in the house, dog walking, repairing minor faults that have appeared over the week, doing the online banking, taking very small steps in big house jobs, cooking, […]

Rain casserole


Last weekend we were away with the faeries. Contrary to the expectations of seasonal fare we were treated to a mix of summer and autumn with a tomato and mozzarella salad followed by beef casserole (and something vegetarian for the vegetarians. I have to admit that after enjoying the seasonal beer beforehand I didn’t pay […]

White Smoke


I was told off for confusing the timeline. Apparently in this post I said that B had decided on a dress and in this subsequent post I implied that the choice was still wide open. Both of these are true – I refuse to be linear and in my quantum world both states exist at […]

Surprising as it might seem I occasionally have a break from thinking about weddings. This is one of those occasions. The other night I went for a beer with the people from work, some of them anyway. There was even finger food – sausages and chips (it’s the first time I’ve seen sausages described as […]

My tolerance of coffee shop chains has been severely tested by wedding dresses. In order to ensure that B is able to experience the full range of wedding dress designer dresses we had to venture away from our local haunts and voyage to the far flung reaches of South Yorkshire. Where amid rolling hills, bright […]