And the bride wore…


Up ’til now I have been a little reticent on the subject of clothes, or at least the details of what everyone was going to wear. This was a deliberate ploy not to spoil the surprises for people on the day, but now it’s all over I can come clean at last and reveal all.

Before I scare off the remaining readers I am going to tell you a bit more about the outfits worn on the day so the fashionistas can learn more about what is a la mode for nuptial events in East Yorkshire.

As you’ve already been party to many of the trials and tribulations of B in the selection and fitting of her wedding dress I can now reveal that she went for a creation with a tight buttoned bodice and full skirt with modest train by Andrea Bambridge of York, with Vivienne Westwood, Lady Dragon Heart shoes (and later pink Hunter Wellington boots).

I think I was fortunate enough to miss the wedding day trauma when she put her dress on.

At an earlier fitting MOB had asked the designer what would happen if B either put on or lost weight before the wedding. “The dress won’t fit” was the curt response. This was true so when B put the dress on she had lost enough weight for the dress to collapse around her knees and produce wails of despair. Fortunately MOB was on hand with boxes of tissues. So with some hurriedly improvised padding all was mended and the dress stayed up.

Well before the wedding MOB had searched high and low for an appropriate “Mother of the Bride” outfit that would match the occasion. This search was fruitless as MOB concluded that she hated every “Mother of the Bride” outfit and these were just another excuse to wring money out of people by attaching a wedding label to garments that were neither well made nor practical enough to wear on any other occasion.

Having failed to find anything appropriate MOB decided that she would wear what she wanted instead – even if others might think it inappropriate. Personally I approve of this approach. So the mother of the bride wore a striking red Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress, set off with a pair of Iron Fist, Wolfbeater shoes and a hat from William Chambers of Glasgow. Actually the shoes were chosen for the evening celebrations, but an injury sustained a few days before the wedding meant that B’s foot had swollen so much she couldn’t put the Vivienne Westwood, Lady Dragon Wax Seal shoes on.

For my part I wore a striped Paul Smith suit, red tie from TM Lewin (one of a 3 for £66 “bargain” – does anyone ever buy a single tie from there?) and shirt & shoes from the FOB’s own collection. Oh and a Philip Treacy hat from MOB’s collection

And just to complete the entourage the BM’s wore Joules Phyllis polka dot outfits and C and best man wore suits for hire.


3 Responses to “And the bride wore…”

  1. Some photos might bring this to life… Or am I simply not enough of a fashionista?

  2. this post is somewhere between a rock and a hard place… I am still waiting for permission to publish illustrations for everything – hence the use of stock images 😦

    As soon as I have permission I’ll show you everything…!

  3. Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart shoes AND Iron Fist shoes? That is officially Best Wedding Footwear EVER! The ladies of your family are obviously made of awesome! (Beg them on my behalf for pictures pretty please!!!)

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