Coming clean


Preparing for a wedding is not a trivial undertaking.

Preparing for any kind of visitors is not a trivial undertaking in our house, and this would be an occasion when we would be entertaining friends we had not seen for over ten years.

So the house needed to be tidy; extra special tidy.

Meanwhile other wedding preparations had to continue, so as I mentioned earlier each of us were allocated three rooms to tidy; I got the utility room, kitchen offshot and study.


So I started by blitzing the utility room, throwing away, putting away, washing every surface and creating clean worktops and illusions of space. I don’t have a “before” picture, but maybe that’s just as well because it would only make you shudder and exclaim about how people can bear to live with such mess.

Unfortunately I did too good a job so I got our bedroom and the shower room added to my list.

Fortunately for the BOBs, the day before the wedding MOB and I had to go to Sheffield, and this allowed them enough space and time to do their bit (under threat of severe pain from MOB).

Encouraging BOBajob

I have to admit that I was amazed and pleased at what greeted us on our return. The house was immaculate, floors clean, surfaces clear with no (obvious) dust in sight. The BOBs had obviously been busy, hard at work all day on the cleaning and clearing.

I was impressed. While I knew that SpongeBOB would make an effort I was more sceptical that BOBajob would do the same, but I was wrong and he had done his bit to make the house presentable.

Fortunately for BOBajob I didn’t open the door to the understairs cupboard until the day after the wedding.

It was plain to see how the house had been magically transformed, but it was now impossible to get anything into or out of the cupboard. I sighed, closed the door and decided not to think about it; I would try again the next day when I have more energy.


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