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I know that my sense of style is unique and has dramatically improved over the years. I know this because I no longer get comments such as “Are you going out dressed like that!” or “Those don’t go together” or “ha ha ha ha”. Whenever I did elicit such a reaction I would establish which […]

I have been forced to consider my attire for the big day. This is principally because everyone else is organised (or at least now considering accessories) and my prevarications are falling on deaf ears. Taking a lead from MOB I was encouraged to start from the top. So I started my deliberations with a hat. […]

Weekend working


And thus one job begets another… At home the wedding preparations continue, far from aided and abetted by the weather. Now the patio is half-finished I have procured the goods and materials necessary for making it three-quarters finished. But I wasn’t able to build the small retaining wall when the weather was cold (I seem […]