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I know I should have consulted alexoutside before I started but I was determined to get the wooden hearts cut out. He was always better at woodwork than me (I was more: take things apart with a screwdriver to see how it works), so he would have known what tools I needed and more importantly […]

Boxing clever


While stashing the wedding loot I encountered this rather cryptic message in the attic. I was tempted to open the box but decided to curb my excitement.

Have we met?


I am not one of the world’s most comfortable supermarket shoppers. This isn’t because I’m male, or dislike spending money, or am possessed with a hatred of supermarkets (although I have been known to occasionally praise the virtues of our local shops). No, the reason I don’t like shopping in supermarkets is that I always […]



B and I exchanged places last weekend. While I headed home from London to Yorkshire for the weekend, she headed south for a weekend in The Smoke. She was off for a wedding shopping weekend but it sounds like she spent most of the time on trains. I travel by train a lot – down […]

2:1 is the ratio of wedding magazines to holiday brochures in B’s caravan. Last weekend I counted them. I didn’t go round especially to do this, she’d instructed me to stop when passing so a mother’s day card could be handed over. But B had tidied up and put the magazines all together in her […]

Attiring day


It was with some relief, you may recall, that B chose her wedding dress. Now the first fitting has taken place and constructing the hand built garment has commenced in York. But while this is sorted, other people also have to be clothed… We have, in no particular order, the flower faeries, the bridesmaids (two […]



I always find it difficult to know when to stop work at this time of year. After spending so many months ending the working day in the dark, my photo-sensitive internal clock doesn’t signal it’s time to go home (or back to the hotel) until it’s dark outside. It’s a seasonal thing, which means it […]